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Macaria, or The Good Life

Macaria, or The Good Life

Macaria  poster art by Sam Bertken.

Macaria poster art by Sam Bertken.

After thousands of years, Macaria, the eternally-teenaged daughter of Hades and Persephone, has had enough of her so-called life in the Underworld. Time to learn what it's like up where they walk, up where they run, up where they stay all day in the sun.

A life-affirming play about the princess of death.

Cast: 3F, 2M (with doubling) or 6F, 6M (no doubling)

Run time: 35 minutes

Development History: Commissioned by the San Francisco Olympians Festival, who presented a staged reading of it in Fall 2016. Cast: Amitis Rossoukh (Macaria), Dillon Siedentopf (Hades/Charon/Chronus), Charlie Gray (Persephone/Aphrodite/Athena), Devin Kasper (Hermes/Apollo/Albert Camus), Kate Rose Reynolds (Demeter/Hestia). Director: Laylah Muran de Assereto. Macaria received a further developmental reading as part of Custom Made Theatre Company’s Undiscovered Works program in December 2018. Cast: Hailey Cowden (Macaria), John Ferreira (Hades/Charon/Chronus), Rhonda Taylor (Persephone/Aphrodite/Athena), Brian Martin (Hermes/Apollo/Albert Camus), Briel Pomerantz (Hestia/Demeter). Director: Michelle Elaine Ianiro.

Macaria is available for production and is especially suited for middle school drama programs who are looking for irreverent but educational takes on classical mythology.